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Beekeeper Services

Residential Bee Removal

Complete Residential Bee Removal from walls, roofs, attics, ceilings, floor joist, soffits, chimneys, overhangs, voids, barns, trees, and more. We completely remove all bee hives. If you have confirmed the presence of bees around your home, your first step should be to call Bee Removal of Houston. Not only will we be happy to remove the bees but you could also be saving an endangered species. We save the Bees.

Commercial Bee Removal

Commercial Bee Removal from Office Buildings, Carports, Apartment Complexes, Strip Mall Centers, Parking Structures, and more. We safely remove all bees and their Bee Hives. Houston Bee Removal Master also offers complete commercial bee removal services. If you detect bees at your business call the expert (Houston Bee Removal Master) and we will remove the bees to a safe and natural habitat. We remove bees from all types of businesses.

Professional Bee Removal

We come prepared to commence your Bee Removal project when we provide you with an estimate. We are always professional and wear the proper safety gear as well as the proper equipment. While we remove the bees it is recommended that you keep your employees inside until the job is complete. We will be protected by our beekeeping suit. You can count on Bee Removal of Houston on getting the job done right. Call or Text Us at: (281)907-3382

Bee Removal of Houston is will help you with your bee problem, we may be able to save most of the bees by transferring them to a hive box. This can be done in several ways:

  • If the hive is easily accessible, we will be able to simply cut out the comb containing the brood and bees and place it directly into a hive box.

  • Alternatively, if the hive is trapped in a section of tree or fence, a hive body can be placed over the entrance and the bees will crawl into it by themselves.

  • Finally, if the hive is in a difficult to reach the spot, we may place an exit cone over the entrance to the hive. This will trap the worker bees outside. A hive body will then be hung in a nearby location, which the trapped-out bees will eventually join.

You can count on Bee Removal of Houston on getting the job done right.

Bee Removal of Houston provides professional Bee Hive and Honeycomb removal services. Call for your free estimate. (281)907-3382