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BEE REMOVAL OF HOUSTON delivers comprehensive bee hive removal no matter where the hive is situated. Since up to 80,000 bees have been known to share one hive, we strongly recommend that you call in our experts to remove the live bees. We have been serving the Southeast Texas area for over 10 Years. A Professional Bee Service that you can count on.

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Bee removal is something most people have never had to deal with. When they find a honey bee infestation on their property, they usually don’t even know where to begin to look. Luckily, you've come to the right place. As bee removal experts, we work fast to assist you with your bee removal problems.

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Call on BEE REMOVAL OF HOUSTON when you need full bee control that includes bee hive removal. We have all the tools necessary to remove bees from holes, cracks, brushes, trees, and even vehicles and places around your home or other buildings. We also service Commercial Buildings and Properties with Bee Removal.

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All of us are aware that honeybees are great for the ecosystem through pollination. Honeybees have a larger population throughout most of the southern U.S., that they are often a pest problem, when they establish their nest in your home or workplace.

Some people are highly allergic to bees, they may go into shock following a sting and require hospitalization. Statistics show that up to a 100 people die annually from bee stings. This number increases each year due to the increase in population numbers of the aggressive Africanized honeybees ( known as “killer bees”) that have migrated across the southern states. Studies have suggested that more than 80% of honeybees throughout the state of Texas may be Africanized or a hybrid between the European and the highly aggressive Africanized Bees.

There are many types of honeybees that are found throughout the world. Honeybees build their nests out of wax into bee hives to make and store their honey that they use as their food source throughout their hibernation months.

Most hives we remove contain up to a 100 pounds of honeycomb as bees need the honey to survive the winter. Sometimes we remove even bigger hives that have contained up to 200 pounds of honeycomb. If you notice cluster of bees around your home or office and see numerous bees flying in and out of gaps on the exterior, you are in need of bee removal and Honeycomb removal. Bee Removal Of Houston is fully equipped to remove the bees and extract and clean all honeycomb from the interior voids within your home or office. Bee removal can be very dangerous and should be left up to a licensed professional.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to remove Bee Hives or Wasp Nests on your own for they can be very aggressive and dangerous. Call a professional Bee Keeper that has the proper Equipment and Safety Gear, as well as many years experience in handling Bee's and Wasp's.

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